full groomFULL GROOM – To begin with we will have a consultation, this is a key part of the process to ensure I get your dog looking exactly how you want. I will carry out a quick health check and advise on style according to coat type, lifestyle etc. My aim is to ensure your dog leaves my parlour, happy, healthy, relaxed, and of course looking special. Full Groom package includes: two shampoos, dried and styled, clipped/trimmed as required, ear cleaning, nail trimming.
hand strippingHAND STRIPPING – Hand stripping is the removal of dead hair in harsh/wire coated breeds. This can only be done when the coat is ready.
nail trimmingNAIL TRIMMING – Nail trimming comes as part of a full groom, however if those curly talons get too long you might want to bring your dog along for a trim.
puppyPUPPY PACKAGE – If you have a puppy that will require regular grooming as an adult it is important to introduce them to the parlour as soon as they have completed their course of vaccinations. This will help build confidence and make future trips a pleasant experience. Puppy Package includes: brush through, gentle wash and blow dry. For puppies up to six months of age.